Future cannabis club sparks debate in Sunset
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The marijuana dispensary meeting at the Taraval police station's community room was met with questions and complaints from residents that opposed the idea of a marijuana dispensary in the neighborhood.

"There are many people in this area and no clinic," Paul Hansbury from Bay Area Compassion Health Center said. "We want to do something we believe is right."

Most of the marijuana dispensaries in San Francisco are in the Tenderloin, Hansbury said. BACHC will be the first marijuana dispensary in the Sunset and will serve people that are over 21.

People under 21 will only get access to marijuana if they come with a parent or guardian.
The new marijuana dispensary will be located at 2139 Taraval St.

"Why here? Because it's unserved," Hansbury said, referring to the Sunset District.
Police will be patrolling the area to make sure people don't smoke the marijuana outside the clinic, Hansbury said.

Hansbury said people won't be able to tell that the building is a marijuana dispensary from the outside.

Each patient that visits the clinic will show their identification to the clinic workers, who will use the patient's identification to contact the doctor to make sure the person is eligible to receive medical marijuana.

If the patient's doctor doesn't answer, the patient will be told to return to the clinic next day.

"This is about people coming in, getting their medicine and going home," Hansbury said.
"This is not about legalization at all. We are people helping people help themselves."

Hansbury recommended marijuana in brownies and capsules to Anne Doherty, 71, a native of Ireland, after Morphine and Vicodin weren't taking her pain away. Doherty has been eating pieces of cookies the size of her thumb for about a week.

"I eat the cookie first thing in the morning," Doherty said.

There has been some concern about how the marijuana office will affect the neighborhood.

"I certainly don't think the neighborhood will be affected negatively," said Dr. Cyril M. Ramer, a pediatrician at California Medical Center. "I see it as another legitimate, fulfilling a community need to disperse medical marijuana."

Another point Hansbury made was that people are worried about the effects the marijuana clinic will have on children.

"Some people say we don't need it here," Hansbury said. "We're in no way associated with the grow houses in the Sunset. People think this is going to turn Taraval Street into the Tenderloin."

Some residents in the area disagree with the clinic and worry it could be detrimental to the community.

"As a parent I am not interested in having it open," said Cammy Blackstone, a mother of two children, standing outside the Community Room.

The members of BACHC still haven't talked to Capt. Denise Schmitt of the Taraval police station about what she thinks about there being a marijuana dispensary in the Sunset.

"Capt. Schmitt has some concerns," Susan Tibben of BACHC said. "We're meeting with her at the end of next week."







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