SF State Student Plays Matchmaker
New dating service on campus
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Nokwazi Jahde was fed up with meeting the wrong men on campus and so she decided to make it her business to help others bypass the frogs to get to their prince or princess.

Jahde, 28, a senior at SF State majoring in hospitality management, began Campus Rendezvous, a new dating service for SF State students over winter break.

The idea for the business arose out of necessity after meeting a few men on campus that were nowhere near what she was looking for, Jahde said.

“I’m one of those people who needs results quickly, so I figured that there must be a way you can have a small pool of people you can choose from and find what you’re looking for,” said Jahde, who had been meeting men on campus who were too young.

After talking with several students about dating and running the idea by faculty members in her department, Jahde began working diligently on a business plan and was able to get Campus Rendezvous up and running. She even developed a Web site, www.campusrendezvous.com, where students can sign up for the service online.

Jahde describes Campus Rendezvous as a social club that helps students cultivate personal relationships. Through the service, students are able to purchase a membership for unlimited access to on-campus mixers where food and drinks are provided. Students who are not members can still participate in social events and receive matchmaking services but have to pay a cover charge.

"It is a novel idea and there is certainly a great deal of interest in it already, her Web site hit reports show student visitation is building," said Dr. Patrick Tierney, a recreation and leisure studies and hospitality management professor.

Although interest in the service seems to be peaking, it has not been as great as Jahde has hoped. She had to cancel her first Valentine’s Day event because of low turnout.

Art History major Ashley Aaron doesn’t think that she would join the service.

"I don't date on campus,” said Aaron, 18. "The guys [here just] are not my type of crowd," said the 18-year-old freshman.

Jahde is familiar with the students of a commuter campus and acknowledges that they are generally placed together by classes or group projects, and some don’t socialize with people on campus beyond those situations.

“I notice in my classes that men and women don’t talk a lot, some are just pretending to be busy reading a book or shuffling through paper to appear busy so they won’t have to actually talk to someone,” Jahde said. “My wanting to do this business is because I like personal interaction between people.”

Although she hasn’t taken any classes that deal with personal relationships, she is obsessed with the dynamic of them and reads voraciously on subjects of dating and what it takes to be compatible with someone.

“I think that there is someone for everyone who is at least 90 percent compatible and I’m going to help people find that,” Jahde said. “Deep down inside, I’m a hopeless romantic and I believe in fairy tales.”

If Campus Rendezvous is successful, Jahde plans to extend the service to other college campuses in California.







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