Campus Hate Crimes
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Earlier this semester, a series of incidents in and around SF State shocked and angered the campus community. The confusing circumstances surrounding the events caused even further complications.

Timeline of Events

Sept. 8 - A student living in Mary Park Hall, a campus dormitory, discovers a marked-up watermelon outside their door. Despite follow-up investigations indicating that the situation is not racially motivated, the racist connotations associated with watermelons lead it to be viewed as a hate crime.

Sept. 15 - A week later, the words "BLACK BITCHES" are found on the front door of student Allison Jackson's apartment in the Village, the apartment complex next to SF State.

Sept. 16 - The next day, the word "NIGG" is found written on the wall outside of an apartment in Mary Park Hall and on a note slipped under student Leah Miller's door.

Sept. 19 - Handwriting analysis reveals that Allison Jackson is a suspect in the Village incident.

Sept. 24 - Jackson admits to writing the comments on her door in an attempt to be moved out of her apartment.

Oct. 2 - The Afrikan Residents Association holds a news conference about the slow progress of the watermelon incident.

Oct. 8 - Miller admits to writing both the comments on the wall and in the note to to bring more attention to the recent events.

Oct. 15 - University Police, the district attorney, and the university attorney decide not to file criminal charges against either Miller or Jackson.

Continuing Coverage

Campus reacts to faked hate crimes: Some say racism still prevelant at SF State. November 20, 2003.

Bogged process fuels room rage: Roommate conflict may have contributed to faked hate crimes. November 20, 2003.

Fake hate crimes not new: Colleges experiance recent rash of bogus hate incidents November 20, 2003.

Race summit sets high hopes: A paramount summit on race and culture on campus concluded that institutional racism, faculty accountability for their in-class conduct, and safety and comfort on campus are three of the priorities SF State needs to address. November 20, 2003.

Hate Crimes Faked:Campus police report that two students who complained of racial epithets wrote the words themselves. Nov. 12, 2003

Alleged Hate Crimes Create Outrage:Sparked by fears of racism, students speak out. October 14, 2003.

Melon Plants Racial Tension: Alleged hate crimes in residence halls outrage black students. October 10, 2003.

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Winifred Nicol said

This is Aminat's mother. I was very disturbed by your article which showed the picture of Aminat and Brandie with such a headline. Was it Aminat's fault that someone decided to write the word "NIGG"? why are you writers trying to cover up the real issue here, which is that Aminat is actually a victim, an innocent student that found a gross watermelon by her door, and yet she is degraded by having her picture with such a demeaning headline? What was fraudulent about the watermelon issue? What was fraudulent about Brandie discovering the word NIGG on her door? Who are you guys trying to impress? I take a great offence in your unsupervised article that is getting my daughter's name involved in such rubbish. She is sent there to study, and I believe that she might be feeling some discomfort over an article that is alleging that she is a liar.

Templeton Green said

Once, a black Dallas county commissioner proclaimed "There's no such thing as black racism".

I think he was wrong, and this is a shameful example.  To use the sufferings of one's own people for such trivial gain, shows not just epic misunderstanding of their past, but severe ignorance toward the continued efforts of the present.

America has made tremendous strides toward equality, it shouldn't be marginalized through personal gain, despite the color of your skin.

Sean Griffith said

I seriously wonder if these girls realize the egative impact they've had. Not just for their fellow students whose character they defamed, or the way the community will view them after they blatantly and criminally deceived their peers, the police, and the university... but for the black community on campus as a whole. Incidents like this will only decrease the amount of attention real situations are given. With three incidents of students crying wolf within the span of a month, how seriously will the university take the next student who files a complaint? The official line, of course, is that all such situations will be addressed in a fair and unbiased matter... but even the university staff, even the police are human. They remember being lied to just as much as any of us.

Personally, I find the fact that charges are not being pressed fairly rediculous. Academic discipline, fines, even jail time were the possible price the accused students would have paid for someone else's lies - why are the liars not being held responsible for their actions? Why is everyone suddenly so tight-lipped about the situation? How is it that someone can fabricate such a scandal and get away with it?

I think Xpress has more digging to do. What's really going on here?

Jenny Joseph said

I have to admit that I am appalled by the carelessness and irresponsibility of her actions.  Letting someone coerce you into being a liar is not a responsible individual.

A lot of my classes had discussions about this incident.  Jesse Jackson and Brotha Black spoke about this incident.  The whole campus community felt the effects of this incident and at times even I lashed out to my fellow classmates of how blind our campus is to race as an issue at our school.

And now I feel betrayed by someone I didn't even know but defended.

However!  This action of an individual has no bearing on the proposed progress of this summit.  This should not discount the importance of the discussion of race at our school.

Let this be a learning experience for all of us...there is always issues brewing, but use the opportunity to blow out the flames.

Anon said

Basically if you want to be treated like a child or a herd of sheep feel free to move here. Otherwise living here is an absolute pain. On the outside the dorm complex looks sleek and modern and the people who run it are cheerful and smiling but underneath the surface things are not what they seem.

First of all they have these imbeciles called "Community Advisors" that say they want to encourage a harmonious living environment amongst the students who live there. But if you ask me they are no more than glorified babysitters who get to live there for free. They seldom have the time to resolve the conflicts that it is their job to attend to and when they do itīs a half-assed job at that. Also if you are new to the city and want that sense of "community" donīt hang out with these "Community Advisors". Many of them are NOT from San Francisco so they wonīt have a clue about real life living in the city. I recommend finding places around Downtown SOMA or Cole Valley or many of the nicer more heritage rich neighborhoods around SF for that sense of community. You surely wonīt find that around these dorms located out in the boonies of SF.

Second of all it is a joke to live here. It is soo far removed from living in the real world where you get to check out the room you want to rent and meet your roommates as well. Here, they wonīt let you look at your room or choose your roommates. Even in the application where you write in the name of someone you want to live with, they seldom honour your requests.

Let me tell you that it is far better to find apartments away from SF State where:
1. It is often far cheaper.
2. You get your own room.
3. May often be more convenient.
4. You get treated like an adult [this means no CAīs to poke around your personal life].
5. With a little negotiation dealing with lanlords living in the city you can either choose to live month to month or sublet your apartment if you need to. [In other words youīre not tied down to the lease like a prison sentence]. Just make sure to take measures to protect your security deposit!

So if you can avoid living here I high advise you find places away from the immaturity of dorm living.

The Village at Centennial Square is highly overrated and over-priced.

Overall recommended: No

Joe said

Its a shame how race is used to get attention on campus.

Dee said

There are real hate crimes that take place on SFState campus everyday-against transgenders.
I know a few MTF transsexuals who will not report hate crimes against them because of the fear they won't be taking seriously.
Once again immature students screw up the campus for people who are really suffering.
I also feel the stories about the fake hate crimes on SFState campus on the Xpress website should be removed.
Those stories are creating an unsafe learning environment for the people who need protection the most.
The Xpress editors or writers need to grow up.

John Nubianu said

The pseudo-conservative movement has been in a game of lucifite trickery for the past two decades. One of their great tricks is to "prove" that there is no racism, no racial harassment and this is a "colorblind" society.

Well, Black nationalists and Black separatists have a solution: Get out of the way and let Blacks have their independence and the right to be free of those who perpetrate and perpetuate racism.

Black people know what is behind racism, its called the "inferiority complex," it is the same mentality that will remain in America when Blacks create an all-Black nation, totall free of all settlers and their descendants.

Whites will continue to be 'racist" they will declare the Irish and Polish a separate "race" AS WAS AND IS DONE IN EUROPE AND ENGLAND TODAY AND FOR THE PAST 800 YEARS...and whites will go at each other.

Perhaps the fact that brown-eyed whites are superior and smarter than blue eyed whites, or German-decent whites feel more inferior than Slavs, or French are better at cooking than English WILL TURN AMERICA INTO A CESSPOOL OF ETHNIC HATRED SIMILAR TO WHAT IS TAKING PLACE IN YUGOSLAVIA TODAY, OR AT SOCCER MATCHES DURING THE SUMMER.

Blacks have to realize that the only way to freedom and survival is INDEPENDENCE, BLACK NATIONALISM AND BLACK NATIONHOOD.

The renewed racism since the mid eighties is the doings of the FORMER "LIBERAL" flower-power, "free sexers," who distroyed the moral fibre of America with their pornographic agenda. These same people are so-called "conservatives," who have no loyalty to America but only to the almighty dollar, to a homeland in the Middle East, to dividing America by stirring the shizzle of racist and oppressive mentality and keeping the minds of the People off the real issues, while billions of their tax dollars are going to waste, millions of jobs are being out-sourced and people are falling into the lower levels of the economy.

Isn't it funny that some of the most "conservative" mouthpieces are people with connections to the Middle East and India, OR FORMER HIPPIES, FREESEXERS, SOUTHERN RACISTS WHO WERE FORMER DEMOCRATS AND PEOPLE WHO HAVE NO LOYALTY TO AMERICA?

Racism is back thanks to the roosh limblows, con clannities, squeal borks, wawa stinkrums, o'really? San Diego Headcrock and all these "talkshow" propagandists whose techniques are reminiscent of that of the WWII German propaganda machine.

These people have used the media to put our generation in a very dangerous position. They have lied and tricked and schemed. They have stirred old barbarian, uncivilized racist behavior in order to keep us off track while using our boys as protectors for their interests. TODAY, THEY ARE ON EVERY CAMPUS SPREADING RACISM AND RACIST TRICKERY IN ORDER TO FIND AN EXCUSE TO POINT FINGERS AT BLACKS AND OTHER REAL AMERICANS.

Here is the RACIST TRICKERY OF THE CONNING "CONSERVATIVES." Take the radiostations all over the US and who owns it. Listen to any radio station directed to the Black community and its filled with trash and trash music 24 hours a day. Radio stations directed at the "conservative" element is filled with racist innuendo, lies and pure hatred. YET, THE SAME PEOPLE OWN BOTH TYPES OF RADIO STATIONS, AND THEY POINT FINGERS AT BLACKS LISTENING TO CERTAIN TYPES OF MUSIC AS THE SCAPEGOAT.

This is some of the conservative racist trickery.



There are many (eg. the Black nationalist movement) who say that the solution to racism against Blacks in Black Nationalism, Black Nationism and separate independant Black region, where Blacks can thrive without hinderance. That nation is Washitaw Territories and it is the one million square miles illegally stolen by the French and other European settlers before and after 1805.


Power to the People

Amy Brown said

This issuse is over a year old. Let's move on already. They did something stupid and wrong, and now it is time to pick up the pieces and move forward.



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