SPECIAL SERIES : SF State Budget Woes
Cuts May be "Deep and Narrow," Effects Widespread
SF State bears witness to its budget crisis.
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The $10.3 million CSU budget cuts are sparking fears of shrinking programs, lower standards in education, and matriculating at SF State under the seven-year plan.

When presented with an assignment to seek out student reaction to the budget cuts, a journalism class found varied responses, from those who were trying to hope for the best to those who were trying to look for another school.

The following responses were gathered from Prof. Austin Long-Scott's Journalism 300 class.

The Decision-Making:
"It feels like we (students) don't have a lot of say as to how the cuts are being made. I feel like I can't really do anything about it."
Janice Manansala, junior, switching major from DAI to marketing because of cuts
Reported by Carinna M. Acevedo

"It's a string of decisions by the eligible voters who don't vote and legislators who aren't held accountable. They don't seem to realize that life is interconnected. If people aren't in school or working, then crime goes up. Then medical problems arise because you're depressed. I wonder a lot about what the world is going to be like when I finally graduate."
Marcia Santill, junior, business
Reported by YaVaughnie Wilkins

Financial Woes
"I'll be paying more money next year, and that upsets me because my family is not rich; they already complain to me now about the money. It's crazy, everything is gong to go up, literally everything, from tuition to all the other fees, and I live in the village and even they're going up on rent for next year--five percent--and rent already costs damn near $800 just to share a room. I'm going to leave this school a very poor man--hell, I'm poor now."
Justin Truskey, 22, international relations
Reported by Yamina Washington

"I have to think about every penny I spend now, all from groceries to my $35-a-month birth control pills. I didn't want to dip into my savings but I had to, because even though school fees have increased, my student loans have not. I am also worried about not graduating in time because I cannot get all the classes I need, which will mean that I'll have to dip into my savings even more."
Agatha Lennert, 28, international relations
Reported by Louise Hagstrom

"As a graduate student, I'm going to be hit with a 40 percent (fee) increase. I think the governor hates graduate students.
Klaudya Martinez, graduate student, political science
Reported by YaVaughnie Wilkins

"I keep trying to psych myself out into thinking that everything will be all right, but I'm not really sure. I'm one of those students they (FAFSA) say whose parents make too much money, but yet my parents can't afford to put me through college. So with these budget cuts, I'll have to take out bigger loans, which will require me to pay back even more money; I just don't know how I'm going to do it."
Kokeetia McElwee, 22, kinesiology
Reported by Yamina Washington

The Facilities:
"I fear for my health. I'm serious. It seems like they (administration) don't have enough money to keep the bathrooms and classrooms clean and sanitary."
Bernadette Torres, junior, environmental studies
Reported by Carinna M. Acevedo

"I did want to graduate within the next year or so. I planned to stay for my master's in Early Childhood Development, but that looks way out of the picture now. But I mean I love the school; the people are so diverse and the campus is gorgeous. It's just the question at hand now is will SFSU stay this way?"
Lejoi Mims, Dean of Students
Reported by Veronica Alvarez Lake

Impacted Departments and Reduced Classes:
"Some of the criminal justice classes won't be available next semester so I might have to transfer to a different university. Right now there's a 50 percent chance that I will transfer."
Edward Ferreira, junior, criminal justice
Reported by Carinna M. Acevedo

"I'm a little worried when the time comes that I can't get my classes, but I'll figure it out. If I can't get my classes then I'll go to a different school because there's no point in staying at this school if I can't get my classes."
Chris Sanchez, freshman, computer science
Reported by Carinna M. Acevedo

"I've already had a rough time registering for summer school. They don't have all the classes I need right now and that sets me back. Most likely I would have graduated in 2005, but with the budget cuts, it won't probably be until 2006."
Kyle Stanner, 21, political science
Reported by Yamina Washington

"I'm supposed to go study abroad next year in London. Am I going to have something to come back to? I'm not sure at this point, and pretty worried."
Chris Busch, industrial technology
Reported by Chris Shepard

The Faculty and Staff
"We aren't the only ones complaining. The teachers are exceedingly frustrated with the administration. They feel for us, and I'm grateful to them because they're doing the best they can...the security guards who walk me to my car at night are also getting their hours and jobs cut. It's been hard on everyone."
Marcia Santill, junior, business
Reported by YaVaughnie Wilkins

The Past, Present and Future of the CSU
"They have been making cuts ever since I got to this school. I'm not worried--I wonder if this school has ever really had a grip of money to work with."
Adam Rabinivitz, BECA
Reported by Chris Shepard

"If you look at the decade of the 1990s, the CSU did not do very well financially in the face of the greatest economic boom in the history of the state. How can it hope to do well during a recession, or normal times? The people of California have too many other programs where they want to invest money that used to come to the CSU. It's difficult to fight that trend. I fear for the system over the next decade unless a real change of interests and attitudes about the CSU change quickly."
Dr. Steve Evans, kinesiology department
Reported by Uriah Jacquez

"Corrigan and Schwarzenegger are damaging our society. How can we continue to be the number-one nation if we can't get an education? They aren't investing enough in the future of California, and they'll regret it."
Marcia Santill, junior, business
Reported by YaVaughnie Wilkins

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Akit said

Here's my two cents...

I'm a new transfer student and entered as a Junior. The problems I faced due to budget cuts is that my core major classes (English Literature) is impossible to register for! I was forced to take two high level courses that I am not fully prepared for. Due to this problem, I had NO CHOICE BUT TO WITHDRAW ONE OF MY CLASSES.

"Akit", Junior, English Lit.



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