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Student Crowned Bone Rock Girl On St. Patrick's Day
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O’Reilly’s Irish Pub is packed and screaming males wearing green are gulping Guinness for as far as the eye can see. The faint smell of sweat and booze linger through the average-sized bar. Not your kind of party you say? It would be if you won $50,000 dollars and your dream job.

One of SF State’s own radio and television majors Jamie Legasa was crowned Bone Rock Girl in a quaint, drunken celebration on the morning of St. Patrick’s Day. She is handed a Publishers Clearing House-style, enormous check worth $50,000 dollars and a job at radio station 107.7, The Bone, all for just flashing her pearly whites around town.

Perks to Legasa’s newfound royalty include partying like a rock star, kicking it VIP status at all the hottest spots, free drinks, and gifts.

“She’s going to be doing a lot of things as an employee of The Bone. She’s working all our promotional client parties, concerts, on the air (with Lamont and Tonelli) and this and that,” says The Weedman, also known as Steven Seaweed of The Bone.

The Bone launched their Bone Rock Girl contest a few months ago with casting calls at malls all around the Bay Area. There are over 300 applicants, but only 64 are called back to compete for the title. From there, finalists are put up against each other in a NCAA tournament style bracket and their fans vote online.

“They did some on-air stuff, some bar nights and various competitions. Along the way it was aired online and posted on our website,” says Joe Rock, also known as Joe Barham, The Bone.

Every round knocks half of the competitors out. After seven rounds a winner is crowned.

“Lucky Jaime is now our Bone Rock Girl. She’s going to be the face of the station for one full year. It means that hopefully we will get a younger audience and attract people to come to events to come see her and support the station,” says Baby Huey, also known as Daniel Delmore, The Bone.

“I’m in disbelief. I mean it’s amazing. I’ll be graduating in May, so this job is the perfect job to start off with to get my experience in broadcasting.” Legasa says.

Whatever you do, don’t call her a dumb blonde. This blonde gets straight A’s and is on her way to a career in her major before she graduates. Who says you can’t have it all?



Moorea Morehart | staff photographer
Jamie Legasa is overjoyed with the news that she has just won the Bone Rock Girl contest while runner-up Kyndra looks on, March 17th at O'Reilly's Pub on Green Street.





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