Open House for Incoming SF State Students
The event enables students and their parents to learn more about the university
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Summer vacation is on its way, however, SF State is already giving possible fall semester students a sneak peak of the university.

SF State held their Sneak Preview 2006: All-University Open House, on April 22, from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. The purpose of the event was to give incoming and prospective students a feel for and knowledge of the campus, and to understand what to expect as an SF State student. Students were able to find out about specific majors, student organizations, student services, financial aid, and more.

“This is the day for the students to take initiative,” said Stephanie Corbett, 21, a psychology senior at SF State.

She added that it is now a time when these kids can take on more responsibilities determining their college career and what they want to study.

Students walked around and talked with university professors, department representatives and gator aids about what the campus offers. About 30 gator aids took 60 people on a 30- to 40-minute sneak tour of the campus.

“We let the kids go around and be adults,” Corbett said.

However, some students brought along their parents, or legal guardians to the event.

The gator aids called the parents, “helicopter parents,” because they are always hovering over their child, making sure he (or she) is OK, according to Corbett.

One student attended with his mother, father and younger brother.

“My parents are here with me, but they won’t be when I’m in college,” said Andrew Rankin, 17.

Rankin, along with another student, compared SF State to other universities they had visited.

“I like the campus compared to Chico State for its wider space, but Chico being in a small town, feels like I’d get more of that college feel," Rankin said.

“So far, I’ve visited Cal State Fullerton and Chico State, said Chris Danti, 18. "But I like SF State for its close knit feel. “I’ve always been able to put my best foot forward and give it go.”

Outside, in front and around the Cesar Chavez Student Center, about 80 tables were set up with representatives of each campus club, organization and department, explaining to the incoming students about its goals and incentives.

One of the clubs in attendance was Circle K International, which is a community outreach campus service.

“We wanted to tell the students that this club will help develop social skills as well as having fun and doing community service,” said Anotonio Taylor, 22, the president of Circle K, and a sociology senior.

On campus housing also had a tour of their own, only it was a virtual tour using photos and computers.

“You didn’t really know what to expect until you get here,” said 21-year-old Rachel Gonzalez, who wants to major in speech mythology. “Everything was so surreal to me.”

BECA major and Apple campus representative, Donovan Ramos, 20, was dressed as a human-sized iPod, that played music wherever he went. His basic function was to answer any question that students or their parent's may have.

“Helping new students is always fun,” Ramos said.

More questions may be answered at New Student Orientations, which should not be confused with Sneak Preview day. Orientation is reserved for students who will definitely be attending SF State in the fall.

At orientation, gatoradors will walk each student through registering for their first semester, being there with them each step of the way, said Corbett.

SF State will be holding New Student Orientations through June and July 2006.

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