ASI pursues campus farmers market
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A weekly organic farmer’s market may kick start on the SF State campus as early as March 2008.

Associated Students, Inc., a student-run organization that manages over $4 million in student fees each year, is considering the proposal from ASI Graduate Representative Jeremy Nicoloff. He will give an informational presentation on the subject at the ASI Board of Directors meeting on Dec. 12.

Nicoloff, 31, said he already has permission from university officials to stage the market on campus. He’s now seeking $5,000 per semester in funding from ASI to subsidize the participating farmers to keep prices low.

If the funding is approved, the market would probably be a weekly event, starting in March 2008, Nicoloff said.

“The very first meeting we had as Associated Students [this semester] it was one of the ideas that everyone agreed on,” said Nicoloff, a graduate student in kinesiology. “I’ve been bustin’ my ass on it.

“It will be organics only,” he said. “[There’s a] definite emphasis on that.”

Nicoloff and other ASI members have been gathering signatures in order to demonstrate student support for the market.

“I have seen overwhelming support for the organic farmers market not only from students, but professors as well,” Jesse Bevan wrote in an email. Bevan is the ASI representative for Behavioral and Social Sciences. He has been involved in the signature-gathering effort.

“One professor invited me to one of his large lower-division history class for a short presentation on the market and I got almost all 75 students to sign it,” Bevan said.

Nicoloff said he is optimistic that the board will grant the funding, but might pursue the idea of a campus market even without it.

“If the Board says ‘no subsidy,’ which I highly doubt they will, we could still go forward. I’ve got nine farmers signed up with no mention of a subsidy,” he said.







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