One man's trash, another's treasure
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Students living on campus will not need to stress about how to dispose of unwanted possessions once the school year is over, thanks to a campus recycling program.

SF State's Sustainable Move Out program invites the university's resident community to donate unwanted items and to recycle properly when they move out at the end of the academic year.

Last year, in a joint effort, SF State's University Housing, Facilities and Service Enterprises and the Office of Government Relations donated over 30,000 pounds of reusable items to Goodwill from students moving out of core on-campus housing at Mary Park, Mary Ward, Science and Technology Theme Community, Towers At Centennial Square and Village At Centennial Square, according to Jason Porth, associate director of community relations.

This year, the office is extending the program to reach out to residents of University Park North, University Park South and Park Merced, Porth said.

"We hope to train students to be more sustainable with their items and support reuse," said Michael Bongiorni, Goodwill's manager of material donations. "Nothing will help better than donating to Goodwill because it really helps your community, especially in this economy."

"It sounds like a good idea," said Dillon Collopy, a 19-year-old psychology student residing in the Towers. "Why not donate the stuff you don't need? Now that I know about it, I'm going to try and look around for it."

Organizers plan to place five large bins in convenient locations on campus and around University Park South and Park Merced by March 16, said Porth.

Goodwill will pick up the collections at the end of May, which will be the "real push" of the program, Porth also said.

"[Students] tend to buy way too much and literally abandon them," said Jim Bolinger, associate director of residential property management. "We'll have the Goodwill trucks at finals week and encourage students to recycle properly."

The program urges reuse and taking responsibility for personal items.

"It's smart because at the end of the year, I personally have a lot of stuff that I don't need," said Michelle Heartsock, a 21-year-old criminal justice student who lives in the Village. "It's helpful, for me and to others, to be able to donate."

Goodwill's trucks will pick up collections May 23 at the core campus housing, May 24 at University Park South and The Villas Parkmerced and May 27 at University Park North.

Bolinger does not want students to forget the principles that motivate the program.

"We want students to take this and bring it with them in their lives, long after they're gone from here," he said.







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