Faculty and students rally at Capitol
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Correction: 100 SF State students boarded the bus to Sacramento this morning, according to Philip Fabian, vice president for the Associated Students, Inc.


Approximately 15,000 students and faculty united in front of the state Capitol to protest fee increases and budget cuts.

Buses, provided by the Associated Students, Inc. and the California Faculty Association, left the campus at 7 a.m. with 39 students and nine faculty members. This rally, which follows the statewide Day of Action for education on March 4, focuses on higher education in particular. The goal is to show legislators the importance of all public colleges--from University of California to California State University to Community College.

Video: raw footage from the rally in Sacramento

"They [politicians] need to know we're really concerned," Olivia Jiminez, psychology major, said. Jiminez, who also interns with Project Connect for ASI, wants people to know there is a need to organize.

Many students want to keep the education crisis in the foreground and encourage legislators to act. Nadia Conrad, a 25-year-old political science major, said there is money in California but the priorities remain skewed.

Conrad is part of a student political theater production that includes four large puppets, the "Draculator," who represents the government sucking the money out of schools, a skeleton student, who died before being able to graduate and the "Weeping Woman," who cries for current education crisis.

The production is the brainchild of Carlos Baron, theater arts professor. Baron previewed the production at SF State, for the March 4 rally, and created the idea for the show because he believes the use of "agitation-propaganda" helps in inciting a response.

Deborah Gerson, lecturer for the department of labor studies, feels there is an urgent need to fight for education. "A promise has been made to California, and that promise needs to be fulfilled."



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