The Green Blog: Parkmerced's 20-year plan
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The SF State community is very familiar with Parkmerced. It's a major and important entity to the lives of students and faculty. As a result of their now approved $1.2 billion redeveloping of the complex, there are many questions as to what this project will finally look like and what it will mean for the area as a whole. One major question is how the new complex will take advantage of the advancements in green architecture and transit-oriented development (i.e., bikes and Muni). While in my last post, I talked about the big picture of Parkmerced's development and aid to help stall urban sprawl, this post I am going to show some of the sustainable practices Parkmerced plans to develop.

A gallery of some of the planned sustainability implementations for Parkmerced.

Of course, while all of these plans sound great, Parkmerced doesn't plan to finish until 20 years from now. Also, while Parkmerced released a study of resident concerns, it's hard to tell if the survey they did[pdf] truly reflects the neighborhood (off the polled group, 43 percent didn't respond). Past "green" redevelopment projects in San Francisco have received flack from city agencies, like the Planning Commission, and activists for not addressing the concerns of the existing community (See SFGate's story on Lennar Corp.'s Bayview-Hunter's Point project. Furthermore, [X]press recent published a story on current resident discontentment of mismanagement and conditions in their apartments.

Only time will tell how these developments build a better community and encourage sustainable and greener living. Check the blog 20 years from now.

If you want to send a message to Parkmerced about their redevelopment plans, you can email them at info [at] parkmercedvision [dot] com. Here's a link to their contact page.

Also, sound off in the comments about your thoughts on Parkmerced's plans? Do you want them? Do you think they'll work? Let me know!





Aaron Goodman said

You ignored the entire issue of sustainability, adaptive re-use, direct transit, and the lack of sincere preservation based alternatives by the SFSU-CSU Masterplan and Parkmerced "Vision". For a "green-blog" dont allow the technological sway of SOM feed you towards demolition of an entire community there is little proof of the deterioration by the ownership, let alone sincere efforts at what alternatives could occur and that would retain the open-space and eligibility for the national register. Do not preclude the issue of preservation and sustainability/green design being non-connected. They are VERY connected and the best solution possible.

Aaron Goodman said

you show also little visual connection in your slide show to ANYTHING in parkmerced existing.... sad one sided view of progress....and the concept of green sustainable design.

Aaron Goodman said

Worthy item was the opinion piece from Bob Flash on the Creative Arts Center, taking up open space, and being subvertly started prior to the finalization of the HRE on parkmerced which is already a FLAWED document in relation to impacts on Parkmerced's prior open-space site, and the title 9 women's softball field...



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