Ruth Asawa: Community Artist

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Ruth Asawa creates art for the entire community. As designer of San Francisco State University's Garden of Remembrance, Asawa drew from her own painful experiences to create a living memorial to 19 students who, like her, were interned during World War II because of their Japanese ancestry.
To most people walking near the Civic Center station, wouldn't attract a second glance; but to people like Gregory Sherren, who was diagnosed with HIV in 1996, it is a lifesaver. Crystal Sykes reports from the Tenderloin District.
With the U.S. Geological Survey warning that San Francisco is destined to suffer another deadly earthquake, several local task forces and advisory committees are looking for ways to minimize the impact of such a disaster. Kelly Goff reports from the South of Market
The black and white blur of skeleton-painted faces and the crashing sea of gyrating bodies dancing with the ancestors have come and gone.In the days following the raucus celebration of Día de los Muertos (the “Day of the Dead”), life is returning to normal in the Mission, and some question whether the tradition has been corrupted. Crystal Sykes and Melissa Reyes report from the Mission. For some of the locals with Mexican roots, it is a time to question whether modern day commercialization has corrupted a centuries old tradition meant to honor ancestors and lost loved ones through art, music and rituals.
Trash overflows out of the public receptacle on the street. Containers full of cooking oil sit next to it. Cigarette butts line the curb. Discarded litter lines empty alleys and dark business fronts. This is the scene nearly every morning on many streets in San Francisco, including, noticeably, the Mission. Kelly Goff and Kaitlyn Paris report from the Mission District.

16th Street offers two views of the Mission

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As shops, restaurants and residents change, the differences between 16th and Mission streets versus 16th and Valencia streets are so dramatic it seems like they could be miles apart. Lexie Tiongson and Lina Abascal report from the Mission District.
By Michael Ramirez (One in a series on life in San Francisco's SRO hotels.) Joseph Davis has seen many things change in his 40 years in San Francisco, but one thing stays the same— his neighborhood, the Tenderloin. “It has...
What should a reporter do if you get arrested? A student journalist offers five important tips based on her real-life experience covering a demonstration. Video by Michael Ramirez.
Reporter Robin Hug and photographer Sasha Trivetsky offer scenes of the Guardian Angels on patrol in the Mission District in an audio slideshow.
By Robin Hug (For El Tecolote) Every other Saturday night, the Guardian Angels of San Francisco patrol the streets of the Mission District in hopes of ridding the neighborhood of drug use and crime. The Guardian Angels group was first...
By Darla Nagle (For El Tecolote) To the left of the entrance is a display of shoes on the wall and just beyond that a small fitting room; to the right a wood counter covered with jewelry, watches, a display...

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