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On any given afternoon on the corner of 23rd and Folsom Streets in the Mission District, some form of art is either being made or being planned behind the bright yellow doors of the Red Poppy Art House. Beth Renneisen reports on a cultural phenomenon in the Mission District.
In the back room of the Bayanihan Community Center on Mission Street, Bernadette Sy shows her son how to tie bamboo reeds together to form a star. When the star is finished it will become a lantern that will get hung up in the Sy’s home as part of the Parol Lantern Festival, a Filipino tradition that has been in the dark for years, but is shining a lot brighter recently. Jack Devries reports from the Mission District.
Protesters covered in fake $100 bills tried to "buy" votes in a demonstration meant to highlight the political influence that landlords and real estate agents in local government. Daisy Miao reports from San Francisco.
Claudia León says her early experiences as a young volunteer in the Mission District helped ther to prepare for her current job as program coordinator for the Chicana/Latina Foundation. Melissa Dudum-Maya reports from the Mission District.
Aware of the challenges posed by the declining economy, jewelry artist and small business owner Ricardo Pena decided to find ways to promote small businesses and culture in the Mission District. With the help of the Mission Economic Development Agency and its community organizer, Dairo Romero, Pena formed the Mission Small Business Association (MISBA). Rigoberto Hernández reports from the Mission District.
Santiago Ruiz, executive director of the Mission Neighborhood Centers, has a reputation as a fiery, compassionate and collaborative leader who puts the community before everything else. Jorn Anderson reports from the Mission District.
With a slash of the pen, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger eliminated funding for a tax rebate very dear to Dixayen Rodriguez’s elderly Mission District clients at the 30th Street Senior Center. The Homeowner and Renter Assistance Program — offering a small yearly assistance check to qualified low-income seniors — was deleted from the California state budget in a flurry of line-item vetoes in September and already is being felt here. Beth Renneisen reports from the Mission District.

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