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Many Mission Street shopowners are more concerned about surviving in hard times than worried about large chain stores. Asbjørn Andersen reports from the Mission District.
When forces in the Mission District emerged victorious in a battle to block the big clothes retailer American Apparel, the battle shed light upon the neighborhood’s gentrification issues and showed that the Mission certainly does not always speaks with one voice. Asbjørn Andersen reports.
When 25-year-old Lila Thirkield opened the Lexington Club in 1997 she created a space for lesbians to hang out in the Mission. A space that has united the lesbian community in San Francisco through volunteer work and gay events. Maria Krogshede reports from the Mission District.
More people who have lost their jobs during the financial crisis have decided to do volunteer work at the local youth organization 7 Tepees--but will they stay? Maria Krogshede reports from the Mission District.
Inspired by the hardships she went through, Lisa “Tiny” Gray-Garcia, co founded POOR magazine to help others. Sara Kwan reports from the Mission District.
Mayan brothers and boxers Bernardo and Alex Nic reach back to the fable of “Hero Twins” Hunahpu and Xbalanque as they battle their way through life's adversities. Alexis Terrazas reports from the Mission District.
"Don't be a snitch!" That is the clear message to the passing pedestrians from a mural on the east end of 20th Street. The artist behind the mural is Pati Zapatita - a 29-year-old Chicana activist. Actually, Pati Zapatita is not the name she was giving at birth. But she prefers to use the catchy nickname since her sense of justice sometimes conflicts with the view of the Justice Department. Sebastian Chatham reports from the Mission District.
The odd, the unusual and the unbelievable. This is not Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Venture down to the hustle and bustle street of 20th and Valencia and you will find yourself in a fascination of our natural world. Brendan Barry reports on Paxton Gate in the Mission District.
With her hair tied in a bun, Carmen Biminchumo carefully fixes some of the balloons, souvenirs and other adornments that she sells at her Mission District store, “Decoración de Salones ‘Carmen,’” or "Carmen's Salon Decorations.” Maria Umanzor reports on an entrepreneur in the Mission District.
You won't find any bright murals decorating the storefront of Modern Times Bookstore on San Francisco's Valencia Street. In fact, the seemingly ordinary building doesn't mesh that well with the neighborhood's colorful reputation. Its rather plain, big glass windows and off-white facade don't have the personality you would expect from an establishment with deep community roots. Eric Meuser reports from the Mission District.
On a cold and rainy afternoon, Bryan Supnet, teen program coordinator for the Mission YMCA, spends what little time he can spare in the office preparing the programming guide for the participants in his after-school workshops. For many of them these activities provide some of brightest and warmest moments they will have all week. David Miers reports from the Mission District.
Hundreds of salsa aficionados gathered Feb. 22 at Café Cocomo to raise money for their friend and idol, the legendary salsa DJ, Chata Gutierrez, who last year was diagnosed with liver cancer, but still - after 34 years - hosts her weekly show on KPOO. Rune Langhoff Sørensen reports from Potrero Hill.
Caroline Stork sits demurely and reaches for an unmarked, silver tin from her satchel. A lavender and bergamot balm, made from her home, smears her small lips. As she puckers them forward, she muses light-heartedly, “Come on, this is the beauty industry - I don’t play that game.” Shari Gab reports on a new entrepreneur in the Mission District.
Marisa Gedney works as a program coordinator in the volunteer based tutoring organization 826 Valencia. Through her job she helps local kids of the Mission find ways to express themselves in writing. Asbjorn Andersen reports from the Mission District.

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