Monthly Archives: October 2011

SF State students gogo dance their way to a degree

By Lina Abascal Photos by Elijah Nouvelage It is Wednesday night, and it isn’t school, boy troubles, or a long day at work that’s stressing out SF State students Ally Forrest, Noella Haverkamp, and their friend Brigitte Bakr. As the ladies frantically throw booty shorts, fishnet tights and bras around a cramped dressing room, they

Death of the Dive Bar

It’s 2:30 in the afternoon on a Sunday and Clooney’s, the sizable dive bar on the corner of 25th Street and Valencia, is in full swing. Older patrons with carved faces line the horseshoe-shaped bar while the only young people in the joint—a few late twenty-somethings along the back wall—nurse hangovers with Bloody Marys and

Put a Lid On It

By Liz Ireland Photos by Gregory Moreno On a bright Sunday across the bay in Oakland, James Frank’s kitchen slowly fills with the sweet smell of boiling grape juice and sugar. The sunlight that streams in through an open window, adding to the aromatic heat wafting through the small, open kitchen. As the grape mixture

Beyond Ambiguity

By Julio Cortez Photos by Gregory Moreno It’s a warm Thursday evening in San Francisco’s Union Square, a bustling shopping destination for those ready to indulge in wool-rich fall essentials during the current Indian summer transition. Bradley Miller, a downtown makeup extraordinaire, gazes at Zara’s fall 2011 womenswear campaign highlighting high-waist men’s trousers and tailored