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Spice Up Your Life

By xpressmagazine

Feature by Kristina Kerley


Often times I wonder why white salt and black pepper always appear as the leads on the dinner table stage, serving as the go to accoutrement’s for just about everything edible. I’m not here to argue their place in our hearts, because let’s face it, a dish with too little salt is almost not worth eating and there truly is nothing like fresh cracked pepper. I am here to ask, do we settle when it comes to all the other spices in our cabinet?

I have come to realize that, yes, we do. The best reason I can think of is that spices, more so than any other food accessory, can be extremely daunting. Too much cayenne and your dish is inedible; being heavy handed with cinnamon will leave your mouth puckered and dry. And unlike a lot of other ingredients, with spices, a little can certainly go a long way, and inexperienced eyes aren’t the best judges. On the other hand though, there is nothing quite so visually pleasing as dark red paprika atop your morning eggs, with that amazing smoky flavor to boot, or the instant comfort of just enough nutmeg in your holiday slice of pumpkin pie.

I came to know most of my favorite spices from eating at various restaurants. I have come to love the rich thick taste curry powder brings to a soup, the fresh pop roughly chopped basil adds to any tomato sauce, and the way Star Anise brightens the body of a warm mug of Chai tea – with the beauty of the drink improved by leaps and bounds at the sight of the spice floating whole inside.


Life Beyond Takeout

By xpressmagazine

Written by Haley Brucato Photos by Nelson Estrada


Constant snacks for late night study sessions and a quick slice after a night at the bar can easily be the cause of steady weight gain in college. It’s time to stop using money as an excuse for daily junk eating. Low-cost healthy alternatives are out there, and easily accessible for on-the-go students who balance work, internships, classes and a social life.

When students find themselves  constantly saying “Tomorrow is time to eat healthier and finally lose this weight,” but can’t resist the urges, it’s time to consider other options. Physical and mental health won’t improve unless students truly start paying attention to their nutritional habits.

Ashley Hathaway, a certified nutritional therapist and Gut and Psychology Syndrome practitioner in San Francisco, believes that students on a tight budget are still capable of buying nutritional foods that won’t break the bank. Hathaway stresses that the budget conscious focus on quality versus quantity. Many students tend to grab things that are immediately satisfying to eat in the moment, like a donut or cup of coffee in the morning, but, according to Hathaway, they are only putting their money towards empty calories.

“They get a jolt from that,” explains Hathaway. “But later get quickly hungry because the body hasn’t truly been nourished.”


By xpressmagazine

Don Menn's Glorious Brain

Written by Victor M. Rodriguez
Finally home after a hard day’s work, Airec Sysprasert immediately and almost reflexively  stays true to his routine. He opens his laptop, and, while he waits for his emails to load, he looks in the refrigerator and cabinets for something to whip up.

“I can begin my work only if I do these things first as soon as I come home,” explains Syprasert, a senior at San Francisco State University, “But even then, I get thrown off and I’ll be on the computer well into 4 a.m. trying to finish my work.”

When it comes to life in college, procrastination is a song and dance many students know all too well. It’s easy to get pulled away from the important school work, like reports and projects, when it means having fun or even just relaxing. After all, that paper is not due for another three weeks.

Once it hits the night before, however, one can only live with stress and regret. “Most of the time, I finish my assignments,” says Elizabeth Hernandez, a freshman at SFSU, “But they definitely could be better if they were done without procrastinating.”

According to a report by Piers Steel of the University of Calgary, research indicates three out of four college students consider themselves procrastinators. Steel asserts that these numbers could be on the rise with people making it a way of life and some even being chronically affected.

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