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Sideshow Performer on the Main Stage

Written by Erika Maldonado Photos by Nelson Estrada Men with piled up pompadours and ladies in vintage animal-print dresses and high-heeled shoes swing dance across the floor to local band Lost Dog Found at Oakland’s Uptown Nightclub on a Saturday night.  Shortly after their opening set, pasties and tassels gyrate as women strip down to

Soul Singers

Written by Erika Maldonado Photos by Nelson Estrada & Mihail Matikov What draws ninety students from different cultures, majors, religious backgrounds and sexual orientations to a stuffy classroom at San Francisco State University every Monday night?  Some say it’s the safe, familial atmosphere.  Others enjoy the idea of being a part of something greater than

Bare in the Bay Area

Written by Erika Maldonado @erika_maldo  A luminous Florida sun reflects off of the lake at the Caliente Resort on a Saturday morning in April.  Rich Pasco stands next to his groomsmen, clad in matching bow ties as his wife to be, Julianne, walks barefoot down the aisle.  Draped in a veil crowned with a floral