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Mending Hearts: A Sewing Project

Written by Haley Brucato Photos by Gil Riego Jr. Michael Swaine sits behind an unusual looking cart in the middle of the sidewalk, as he mends clothing for free every month in a district of San Francisco that needs the most mending of all: the Tenderloin. With his brightly striped sweater that hangs loosely over

Thriftlation: Trash or Treasure?

Written by Haley Brucato Photos by Juliana Severe The familiar smell of musty furniture wafts through aisles of old books, dusty knick knacks, and faded jeans. Although these items are one person’s trash, they will soon become another’s treasure. The thrill of hunting for vintage items buried in the back of Grandma’s closet for all

Life Beyond Takeout

Written by Haley Brucato Photos by Nelson Estrada @hbrucato  Constant snacks for late night study sessions and a quick slice after a night at the bar can easily be the cause of steady weight gain in college. It’s time to stop using money as an excuse for daily junk eating. Low-cost healthy alternatives are out