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Selling Your Services, Expanding Small Businesses

  By Hassina Obaidy Photos Andy Sweet A young man dressed in a cat printed black t-shirt, a leopard print zip up sweater, and a pair of dark washed jeans is standing next to a red Skee-Ball trailer at SoMa StrEAT Food Park on a Friday night. He is known as Joey the Cat, or

Find Your Flow

Words: Hassina Obaidy Vibrant colors of light flow in the air as it dances to the rhythm of the music. Illuminating in the free air, the lights go through different modes from ambient lighting, to lighting that leaves trails while it’s moving. The spinner moves to the rhythm and uses the leash to spin around

Kombucha Me Crazy!

Words: Hassina Obaidy Photos: John Ornelas The strong aroma of vinegar filters the air of 26-year-old Lewis Scaife’s San Francisco flat. He’s well accomplished in the hobbies department, dabbling in hip-hop instrumentalism and whips up homemade ginger beer. His latest quest: brewing kombucha tea. Kombucha is a fermented sweetened black or green tea with a

Transforming into a Drag Queen

Words: Kayla McIntosh & Hassina Obaidy Photos: Deborah Svoboda Edgar Lepe takes a tube of red lipstick and begins to dab the bottom half of his freshly shaven face. Using a white cosmetic sponge, he blends in the red marks to cover up his subtle dark chin hair. Like an artist, Edgar paints his face